Possible to make new walls in anno 1701 and other modding possibilities

  • Hi peoples,

    Iv'e been heavily modding the anno 1701 game and earlier I read it was not possible to build other objects as roads or walls.

    If you want to build an object as a wall, put this in the event handler section at buildmenu2.dlg





    The number represents the object GUID that should be constructed like a wall

    Button editing goes really far at the moment and I succesfully tested out strange things like starting curses with ship action buttons and more crazy stuff

    Currently, I am working on editing the sea mines button into a chinese warehouse build button, still need to figure how to edit the related ship goods id that will activate this build button, if thats possible too, ill add an chinese architecture notes item to the game that can be traded and if you load it onto the ship with tools and wood, you can construct a chinese warehouse!

    from that point I plan to make new dependencies in the dependencies xml that activate the other chinese buildings correctly.

    This way, anno goes much further it ever went and everyone will get a new never seen before game experience :)

    so, its not like randomly placing asian buildings, I will make a game structure that will support gameplay.

    If this works, you can embark your journey into another culture like in anno 1404.

    Now I mention anno 1404, after long work I also pulled off to succesfully copy a 3D building from anno 1404 to anno 1701!!, so I go import stuff from 1404 too!!

    eventually im also planning to put the oriental civ into the game but for now one step at a time, anno 1701 kept surprising me, anno 1404 kept restricting, delaying and annoying me :W

    so, stay tuned for nice modding news

  • Thanks :) By the way I have managed to make a new build warehouse button in place of the sea mine button, but until so far I really can't find what triggers the game to enable this button when you load sea mines onto your ship, so instead I will make a part of the construction costs for the chinese warehouse, the chinese architecture notes

    Also regarding the Diego del Toro buildings, most buildings are the same, but only their textures have a different coloration, still trying to figure what method they used to recolor the 3D mesh textures, if I can replicate it, I can turn all buildings to diego style instead :)