I.A.A.M.1404 - Inoffizeller Anno Addon Mod für Anno 1404 History Edition 4.0.0

Version 4 vom 03.10.2020 Modifikation für Anno 1404 History Edition in deutsch, englisch und französisch. Modification for Anno 1404 History Edition in german, english and french.


Inoffizeller Anno Addon Mod 1404 ist meine zweite große Modifikation für ein Annospiel.

Genaue Infos über dem Inhalt gibts auf der Website: I.A.A.M.1404 Homepage

Diese Version ist Speziell für die History-Edition gedacht.

Es beinhaltet alles was die vers3.4 auch hat.

Fehler und Fragen bitte hier: I.A.A.M. 1404 History Edition Version 4

  • The download speed is so incredibly slow. Currently at 75 KB/s. It will be downloaded in 12+ hours at this rate. Please, please, please upload this file to a site that will allow a reasonable download speed. It took me a whole five minutes to purchase and download the game. I bought it to try your mod. Not sure if I'll get to do that now.
  • Same issue, try multiple things and same error always.
  • Hi there.
    I have Anno 1404 HE + Venice V4.00.4253/1.4514.940870

    I have download this "nofficial Anno Addon Mod for Anno 1404 History Edition 4.0.0"

    a. I Copy\Paste my main 1404 HE folder
    b. I installed the mod
    c. I copy addon folder and maindata from mod direction and i replace both folders inside to 1404 HE folder
    d. replace all files
    e. When i start Anno HE 1404.exe or Anno1404Addon.exe game close and return to windows right after intro movie. I cant even see the start menu.

    i have test rename folder to many names (anno 1404mod, anno 1404 Anno 1404 History Edition, anno 1404 etc...) none work...

    This only happen with I.A.A.M. 1404 History-Edition Version 4.

    I.A.A.M. 1404 Version 3.4 is working great!!

    Any help? What do i miss in HE!?
    • Iam also facing same issue can any one create a guide on how to install on HE.