Cobblestone street problem

  • Hi there,

    I posted this thread on steam, and I was told to report it there, so here I am.

    By the way, I do not speak german at all, so I could not really search for a solution.

    I am wondering if I have not encountered an issue with the different kinds of road. I carrefully watch, and no matter what the kind of road, the market carts will always go at the same speed. Althought it is well explained in the description that they are supposed to run faster.

    Am I missing something ? Otherwise, the mod runs perfectly after for hours of play !

    Thanks !

    EDIT : and the fact I don't know how to buy the ships from Giacomo. It is said I'll got a price by left-clic on the ship, but... Nothing happens.

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  • In the original Version they run faster on cobblestone but not in IAAM. with The different streets you can just build a beautiful city.

    If you want them run faster you have to build the Handelsgilde (don´t know the english word :()