Problems with Salt

  • Hi everyone,

    Made an account here because I'm hitting a wall and would love to progress.

    I'm currently trying to produce meat for my citizens, which requires salt. I have plenty of coastal Sea Water Saline buildings which are producing salt. However, this does not appear to be contributing to my Butcher's Shop production chain.

    Do I just need to build more and more Salt Water Saline buildings? I see there is a Brine Deposit, and I've heard you can build mines on those to create salt. Can't find the building to mine brine anywhere though.

    Please help! ?(

    edit: On top of all this, I need to pottery to satisfy my citizens' needs, but I cannot find the building for that anywhere either. It's driving me crazy and making me want to give up on the game. Shame because I love this mod otherwise

  • Pictures please!

    Do you have a market building near your salt lakes?

    Do you produce enough salt?

    Do you have enough citizens to unlock the pottery building?

  • Ps: to produce meat, you don't need salt:

    - Cured meat farm needs pig fields.

    - Butcher's shop needs spices and cattle.

    Click on the production buildings, to see what they need.